Is the Hero in You Hiding?

"There's a hero in all of us...that keeps us honest, gives us strength, and makes us noble....and finally allows us to die with pride... " (Aunt May’s comments to Peter Parker in Spiderman - Spider-Man 2. Dir. Sam Raimi. Perf. Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and Alfred Molina. Sony Pictures, 2004. Film.))

No movie buff can reflect on the movie Spiderman without remembering this conversation between Aunt May and Peter Parker. It was a classic moment in the movie. No, more than that; it was an intimate moment between a young man trying to get a grip on his inner emotions, and an older, much wiser woman trying to loosen hers. Both had been brought to this moment very dramatically, and the drama of this moment would in turn launch a hero.

No, this is not a site about dying with pride. It is a site about what it means TO REALLY LIVE. It is a site about adding "are you kidding me" moments to the adventure called YOUR LIFE.

Are you looking for life with ADVENTURE?

Are you ready to start seizing the day instead of sizing the day?

This is the journey that really moves and motivates the human spirit, and you are invited to come along. You're on the journey, anyway, so take some time to explore this site and see if it helps give you a little more of a reason to get up in the morning.

Where is the Hero in You?

  • Are you burying it with the stack of clothes in your closet that signifies busyness?
  • Is it carefully stashed away in boxes and marked with "Someday I’ll Open" stickers?
  • Is it hiding among the memorabilia of the past until you have a better grip on your present?
  • Is it covered up in your closet with "more fit than you are now" outfits until you feel you better fit the profile?

The world is full of heroes hiding in the closet of life, waiting and longing to come out. People everywhere have inner longings for a purpose driven life, to live a life of impact, and to make a difference in the world.

While there are many reasons the hero in them gets pushed back and hidden away, it is most often in the closet because, well, that's just where you hide things you're not sure belong out in the open.

On your journey to add value to the world, we're glad you stopped by. If you can’t wait to do something great with your life, we trust the journey you are on has brought you here to better determine what that means for you.

Whatever has brought you here, you need to know one of the most basic realities for all of us.

Throughout our lives we are all under construction! This website will cover several aspects of what that reality means for the hero in all of us. Things like:

  • the meaning of life
  • purpose driven life
  • living a life of influence
  • pursuit of significance
  • self limiting beliefs
  • don’t die with the music still in you
  • living beyond the boundaries
  • doing something great with your life
  • living with fear
  • living courageously
  • achieving greatness
  • man's search for meaning
  • don't waste your life
  • life of adventure
  • moving beyond our comfort zones

If you can't wait to do something great with your life, we hope this site helps you on your journey. Live! Laugh! Love! But, as you do, take the time to help others live, laugh and love, too.

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